(MOVATI) Hypertrophy Principles - Edmonton

(MOVATI) Hypertrophy Principles - Edmonton

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This two-day coaching course focuses on the fundamental skills required to select, execute and instruct the most effective movements for improving body composition. We will break down muscle groups and simplify practical training principles to provide our coaches with the tools to make the most out of their clients. We coach our coaches on the strategies they need to improve their clients' mobility and stability and integrate the core principles of hypertrophy training with intentional exercise selection and effective execution of those exercises. This course sets your path to ensure long-term, pain-free progress in your clients' journeys.

*Attendance is limited exclusively to Movati staff.


Movati Edmonton
17020 Hiller Rd SW,
Edmonton, AB T6W 4H3, Canada


February 25th & 26th, 2023
9 am - 4 pm